Arminianism, Calvinism, and Molinism

Soteriology is that branch of theology that deals with topics regarding the salvation of human persons. Question of soteriological significance include “Who does God want to be saved?”, “Who did Jesus die for?”, “Is God’s grace resistible or irresistible?”, “Can a Christian lose his salvation after attaining it?” and so forth. There are divisions in the church regarding to the answers to these questions. In this blog post, I defend an Arminian-type of point of view. It should be said though, that while I am an Arminian soteriologically, I am a Molinist when it comes to free will and divine providence, and a few of my soteriological stances differ from the typical Arminian (regarding predestination and eternal security). So in this library, there will be a category defending Arminian soteriology, and there will be a subcategory where I talk about exclusively Molinist topics. When you find a topic that interests you, simply click on the name of the article and it should take you to the blog post so that you can read it.

Arminianism VS. Calvinism