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If you like my blog posts, you'll love my books. This page shows a list of books authored by me.

1: "Inference To The One True God: Why I Believe In Jesus Instead Of Other Gods"


Info: "There are so many religions in the world that it can be confusing for a spiritual seeker to figure out which, if any, are true. There are as many gods in mythology as there are people to believe in them. In fact, one of the common retorts from atheists when talking to Christians is “Why do you believe your God is real while thinking all these other gods are false?” In this book, Christian Apologist and blogger Evan Minton gives evidence for the existence of the God of The Bible, and shows why it’s rational to believe the God of Christianity while disbelieving in all others. Evan argues for the biblical God, using arguments that draw from a wide range of disciplines such as science, philosophy, and history. This book is a must for any spiritual seeker."

Release Date: August 15th 2016.

Price -- $11.99

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